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Porto Novo: Monte Trigo about to reach another achievement in the use of renewable energies

Porto Novo, May 5 (Inforpress) – Monte Trigo, in the countryside of the municipality of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, is in the process to reach another achievement in the use of renewable energies, which will make this fishing village the “first blue community” of the archipelago.

Monte Trigo was the first village in Cabo Verde electrified at 100 percent (%) with renewable energies and, according to the Minister of Maritime Economy, has made “big strides” towards to also be the “first blue community” of the country, thanks to the investments made and in the portfolio, in this area.

Soon, according to the Government’s announcement, Monte Trigo, where 75 families reside, will gain a desalination of seawater, which will operate on the basis of solar energy, another step towards this status of the “first community” in Cabo Verde “environmentally and ecosystem friendly”.

Since 2012, this area has a photovoltaic production unit, with a power of 39 kWp, to supply electricity to the population for 24 hours a day, a project made Monte Trigo the “first 100% electrified locality with solar energy” in Cabo Verde.



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