Porto Novo: Mayor appeal the Government to help solve the shortage of water in the North Plateau

Porto Novo, April 24 (Inforpress) – The mayor of Porto Novo today appealed the Government and other municipality partners to help the City Hall to solve the water shortage situation that passes through the North Plateau.

Anibal Fonseca said that his City Hall has important challenges for the North Plateau, one of the areas most affected by the drought, especially the water supply issue, which he hopes to revolve “soon” with the Government’s support and municipality partners.

“I am appealing the Government and our other partners to support us to help the Northern Plateau population with drinking water,” said the mayor, for whom “one of the great challenges” of his municipality is to bring water to the 600 inhabitants of this locality.

“We still do not have financing for the project, budgeted between 20 and 25 million escudos. It is perfectly within the reach of the City Hall and our partners so we hope this year to have very strong lights to solve the water crisis in the North Plateau, “said Anibal Fonseca.





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