Porto Novo: Mayor admits that guaranteeing employment to rural populations has been a “great challenge”

Porto Novo, Jun 29 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Porto Novo faces almost four years without rainfed agricultural production, due to the lack of rain, a “difficult period to withstand”, especially in the high areas, the most affected by drought.

Who says it is the mayor, Aníbal Fonseca, for whom “the great challenge” of his City Hall has been creating jobs for the families most affected by droughts in recent years.

“Four years without agricultural production have been difficult to endure, especially in areas such as the North and East highlands, which depend on rain”, noted the mayor, admitting that “securing employment” in rural areas has been “a much more difficult task” to his City Hall, which nevertheless created, in that period, almost 3.500 direct jobs.

The severe drought situation was complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but, “thank God”, the populations, although with “many difficulties”, are “managing to endure”, believes Aníbal Fonseca.

Almost to 7.500 direct and indirect jobs have been created in the municipality of Porto Novo in the last four years thanks to public investments made in this municipality, around 470 million escudos per year, on average.



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