Porto Novo -Island of Santo Antao: Pozzolans industry will restart within 18 months in an investment of more than 340 million escudos (3,391521,20 USD)

Porto Novo, May 3 (Inforpress) – The pozzolan industry in the municipality of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, will be restarted within 18 months, based on an investment that exceeds PTE 340 thousand, which will be carried out by the Portuguese cement company Cimpor.

This investment is part of the concession contract to operate the Porto Novo pozzolan factory, signed today on the island of Santo Antão, between the government and the board of Cimpor, the company that will be able, for the next 30 years, to exploit the pozzolan deposits for production of pozolanic cement.

The company Cimpor proposes to exploit an area of around 100 hectares of quarries and produce around half a million tonnes of pozzolanic cement per year for the domestic market and for export.

The manager of Cimpor, João Brito e Cunha, said on the occasion that within 18 months the pozzolanic cement production unit would be up and running, initially generating “over 40 new direct job positions”



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