Porto Novo: Improvements in electricity networks with an impact on the improvement of public lighting – Mayor

Porto Novo, May 28 (Inforpress) – Porto Novo, Santo Antão, has been the target, in recent years, of some remodeling and extension projects for low voltage networks, which have had an impact on the improvement of public lighting in different locations, according to the Mayor of Porto Novo.

The most recent project carried out in this area covered the location of Berlin, in the city of Porto Novo, which allowed “to significantly improve” public lighting in this city, with “positive impacts in terms of well-being, tranquility, community security”, according to the City  Hall.

In a note, the local authority said it was preparing, in a partnership with Electra, a new project, this time, for the improvement of the electricity network in Coice de Chã, in Ribeira das Patas.

In the last few years, more than 40 million escudos have been invested in the city of Porto Novo in the remodeling and extension of low voltage networks in different neighborhoods and in the bathing area of ​​Curraletes, within the scope of the existing partnership between the Electricity Water Company (Electra) and the municipality.



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