Porto Novo: Farmers with difficulties in recovering damaged land in 2016

Porto Novo, April 21 (Inforpress) – Farmers from different valleys in Porto Novo, Santo Antao, who have their lands damaged by the floods of September 2016, are struggling to recover their properties, insisting for that in the Government’s support.

The most difficult situation is in Alto Mira and Ribeira dos Bodes where several properties were destroyed by the storm that hit Santo Antao last year, the farmers are waiting until now for the promised support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) for the recovery of these lands.

In Alto Mira, the farmers’ representative Jailson Neves confirmed to Inforpress that almost seven months after the floods the farmers are still waiting for the support promised by MAA regarding the recovery of agricultural properties and water infrastructure in that valley.

Despite the difficulties in recovering the land, there was “some production” in terms of horticultural in Alto Mira thanks to the efforts of the farmers who “despaired” with the delay in the arrival of the support.




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