Porto Novo: Farmers in Ribeira das Patas want MAA support to install drip irrigation system

Porto Novo, Aug 14 (Inforpress) – Farmers in Ribeira das Patas, Porto Novo, still use the flood irrigation system, which has resulted in the waste of scarce water resources available in that watershed, with a negative impact on their own agricultural production.

For this reason, the farmers from this valley, one of the largest in the  Santo Antão Island, want the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) “support” in the modernization of the irrigation system in Ribeira das Patas, allowing the effective use of the “little water” available in this agricultural zone.

Under the Poser (Programme for the promotion of rural socio-economic activities), implemented by MAA, with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a drip irrigation massification programme is being implemented in Porto Novo.

The MAA delegate, Joel Barros, ensures that Ribeira das Patas is one of the locations covered by the drip irrigation massification programme in Porto Novo, with dozens of farmers.



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