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Porto Novo faces “one of the worst moments in its history” because of the current executive “bad policies” – PAICV

Porto Novo, Nov 22 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Porto Novo is experiencing “one of the worst moments in its history” as a consequence of the current municipal executive “bad political decisions”, who “has ignored the citizens,” PAICV’s sector said today in a statement.

Regarding the first year of the City Hall’s term, the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde sector (PAICV, opposition party) in Porto Novo issued a statement, in which it considered that this municipality, in terms of water supply, is going through “such a difficult situation”.

“In terms of water supply, Porto Novo has never in its history been in such a difficult situation. In the city, the situation is unsustainable. In the countryside, the areas spend months without the precious liquid”, noted PAICV, accusing the City Hall, in the Lajedos, having connected water for irrigation to the home network.

This is, the same source said, a situation has been living “for more than four months”, the result of the City Hall of Porto Novo “irresponsible attitude”, since the water available in the network “is not suitable for consumption”.



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