Porto Novo/Equestrian: Promoters demand horse track maintenance

Porto Novo, Apr 25 (Inforpress) – Horse owners in the municipality of Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, say they are concerned about the state of the track where the equestrian events take place, in need of maintenance works.

The owner of horses, Nilton Chantre, said that if the equestrian track remains in that situation, that is, without conditions for at least the horses to train, the equestrian can disappear in Porto Novo, since the owners do not have another space for the horses training.

The promoters of equestrianism in Porto Novo have therefore been calling for works in this space and “a greater attention, from the responsibles to equestrianism and horse owners, who are remembered only during pilgrimage parties”.

“It is also necessary to look at equestrianism in Porto Novo because this sport can end up in this county. With a machine we can improve the track and so the horses can train”, said Nilton Chantre.



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