Porto Novo / Drought: Portuguese NGO raising awareness among population from the Planalto Norte to fight drought


Porto Novo, Jun 27 (Inforpress) – The Association for the Defense of the Heritage of Mértola, Portugal, has bet on raising awareness among the population from the Planalto Norte, in the municipality of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, to combat the drought which is hitting this locality.


In addition to the interventions under the Project on agroforestry system, this non-governmental organization has also been mobilizing the residents from the Planalto Norte to combat drought, betting on tree planting.


In this context, the Association for the Defense of the Heritage of Mértola has been distributing plants to the families from this area, starting with the Chã de Feijoal, where residents are planting trees around their homes.


Likely, the Luz Verde do Norte Community Association, based on the Planalto, has been working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in the planting of trees as part of the project to value the Tope de Coroa Park.



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