Porto Novo: Community leaders call for reopening of public employment to help “hundreds” of families affected by drought

Porto Novo, Nov 5 (Inforpress) – The drought that afflicts Porto Novo, Santo Antão, is worrying the community leaders, who defend “the urgent need” of the Government to move forward with the reopening of public employment in this county, to help families more affected by drought.

In Ribeira das Patas, local associations say they are “worried” about the “difficult social situation” in this village due the bad agricultural year and urge the City Hall and the Government to create conditions for the reopening of some work fronts as a form to help people in greater difficulties.

This is the Lagoa da Ribeira das Patas case, a community where, according to the local association leader, João Lima, families, due to drought, are “seriously troubled” and need to be helped by opening jobs.

“Extreme difficulties” also affect the populations in the highlands, particularly in the North and East highlands, where drought is putting more than 300 families in a situation of vulnerability.



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