Porto Novo / Agricultural year: MAA promotes a campaign to raise farmers’ awareness on pasture management

Porto Novo, Sep 16 (Inforpress) – The delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) in Porto Novo, in Santo Antão, has an ongoing campaign to raise awareness among livestock farmers across the county about the need for rational pasture management.

The information was forwarded to Inforpress by the MAA delegate in this municipality, Joel Barros, who explained that the awareness campaign purpose is to make the  livestock farmers aware that it is necessary to properly manage the pasture that is beginning to resurface “for their own good”.

The rains since last week in the entire county guarantee the production of pasture, but, according to Joel Barros, it is necessary for livestock farmers to let the forage species grow before, so they can better serve the animals.

For this reason, MAA technicians are in various pasture areas, from the North and South areas, to the surroundings of the city of Porto Novo, to ask the livestock farmers to collect their animals and let them grow for two to three weeks , the pasture “for their own good”.

The breeding of animals in Porto Novo, with a livestock population of around 23 thousand head of cattle, is of the extensive type, which makes it difficult to take farmers to confine their animals for some time, to allow pasture to grow, admits the responsible.



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