Ponta Baixo residents “more relieved” after pulverization but expecting action to be taken

Nova Sintra, Feb 11 (Inforpress) – The City Hall sanitation service of Brava, in partnership with the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment on the island, sprayed the slum and near the region where there were fleas.

However, in a statement to Inforpress, residents say they are still apprehensive, taking into account that the slum remained open, the stray dogs roaming free and the garbage car remained in the same place. The same spokesman, Alfredo Gomes said that the pulverization of the space “punctually minimizes” the situation, but “does not solve it”.

Because, as he said, “the space is still open, stray dogs remain in the area, people will continue to throw garbage, deposit faeces and other filth, which will not improve if it is not closed or demolished”.

Contacted, the City councilor Domingas Coelho, responsible for the Sanitation area, said they have not yet reached an agreement with the owner of the slum to decide whether to demolish or seal it.



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