Photographer Zé Pereira launches 2nd. edition of the book “Bokafumo” on Wednesday at Uni-CV

Praia, May 30 (Inforpress) – Photographer Zé Pereira publicly presents on Wednesday, 31, at the University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV), in Cidade da Praia, the 2nd. edition of his book entitled “Bokafumo – A story of overcoming drugs”.

According to the author, with the re-edition of this work, which was born from his own experience of “suffering life” and “bad choices that determined decades of suffering and insanity”, he intends to continue this process/campaign of awareness.

“The main motivation that drove me to write this book and carry out the prevention actions were my own suffering, the deep suffering and anguish of my relatives and friends, the awareness of a scourge that covers an increasing number of young people, but above all children, including seven-year-olds, with whom I dealt in this process,” he explained.

Zé Pereira, an ex-drug addict, added that this book is born from “feeding a positive attitude” in the belief that “overcoming is within our reach, depending on belief, determination and resilience, in overcoming the obstacles with which life confronts us, whatever they may be”.



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