Patients complain for more human dimension of doctors and more diagnostic equipment 

Praia, Feb 11 (Inforpress) – Patients in Praia complain for more human dimension of doctors and more diagnostic equipment, two requirements, they say, “important” for the well-being of patients who, in the disease, want someone who serve him/her with “affection and responsibility”.

These considerations were made by patients interviewed by Inforpress on the eve of the World Day of the Sick, which is observed annually on February 11, a date instituted by Pope John Paul in liturgical memory of Our Lady of Lourdes (France).

“Life develops with well-being, but also with the inevitable moments of illness and it is in this situation that dignity and serenity must be present where comfort, affection and friendship will be a constant to incite”, said João Belo, for whom it is at these times the technical health personnel should be more affable, particularly doctors.

That’s because it is in this hour of suffering, when the disease worries and frightens, the patient needs understanding, humanism and affection to feel calm, confident and above all to be able to fight, with patience and hope, for quick get well. If there is this humanism, according to João Belo, the disease makes anyone feel worried and weakened, due to the suffering he/she goes through, can be more dignified if the help of technical health personnel is with humanism, fraternization and solidarity.



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