Parliament: PAICV requests clarification on accounts of revision of inter-island maritime transport concession contract

Praia City, Apr 28 (Inforpress) – The African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV-opposition) today requested clarification on the accounts of the revision of the inter-island maritime transport concession contract, stating that “something is very wrong.”

These statements were made by the deputy and president of PAICV, Rui Semedo, following a political declaration by UCID on inter-island maritime transport on this third and final day of the second plenary session of April.

“The Government said that it has now set 700 and something thousand escudos as the amount of compensatory indemnity and said that this amount is lower than the amount that was being paid. We have introduced in the State Budget 300 and something thousand escudos to pay the compensatory indemnity… the highest compensatory indemnity that we approved in the budget is 600 thousand escudos,” he noted.

“How is the Government paying more than what is in the budget?” asked the deputy, adding that “something is very wrong” that needs to be straightened out.



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