Parliament: PAICV accuses Government of turning IDJ into a haven for defeated councilors in the 2020 Municipal Elections

Praia, April 12 (Inforpress) – The PAICV accused the government today of turning IDJ into a haven for councilors who lost the 2020 Municipal Elections without the government having given due attention to the main challenges facing Cape Verdean youth.

This accusation was made public by the voice of the deputy elected on the list of the African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV, opposition), Manuel Brito, during the debate of the first April session, stating that these former councilors affiliated with the MpD “started receiving hefty salaries at the Institute of Sports and Youth (IDJ) without producing palpable results in the areas of youth and sports”.

In this party’s view, there are clear failures in the areas of training, professional qualification, employment, the problem of juvenile delinquency and crime, due to the alleged scarcity of healthy leisure time programs, as it believes that the government makes “illusory promises, deceptive propaganda, and many fallacies.”

Manuel Brito said that in the face of this policy, “with no results in sight,” there have been “disastrous consequences for the population, with particular incidence on the youth,” which is why he considered that the “Government has been failing across the board.”



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