Parliament: Opposition and current party with different views on employability in Cabo Verde with a focus on youth

Praia, Jan 31 (Inforpress) – The opposition defended in the parliamentary debate on “Employability, with special focus on Youth”, that there is no increase in employment, while MpD (Party ruling party) maintains that employment is increasing in the country thanks to policies implemented by the Government.

For the African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (PAICV- oposition party), the Government must cease to govern “for its image” and start working so that the young people really feel the measures that results in the improvement of their lives, and their opportunities increasing.

The president of the Cabo Verdean Independent and Democratic Union (UCID) has also said that unemployment is on the rise. According to António Monteiro, although he acknowledge that unemployment is a problem that “has been dragging on for many years”, the number of young unemployed in the country “which cries to heaven”.

Luiz Carlos Silva, Movement for Democracy MP (ruling party), using comparative vocational training, presented by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) and the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Cabo Verde (EHTCV) in the governance of the PAICV and MPD, said that the measures and policies implemented by the current Government have already begun to bear fruit and are “duly leveraged in the success of our economy”.



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