Parliament: MpD says that transparency has been one of the great differentiators of Cape Verde

Praia, Mar 22 (Inforpress) – The leader of the Movement for Democracy (MpD-poder) bench, Paulo Veiga, today highlighted the transparency matters as “one of the great differentiators” of Cabo Verde compared to other countries in the region of West African States.

Paulo Veiga, who was speaking at the opening of the parliamentary debate with the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, on transparency and the quality of Democracy in Cape Verde, also stressed that the country is internationally recognized for “good governance and low reputational risks associated with corruption”.

For this reason, he said, Cape Verde occupies the 1st place in the ranking of Civil and Political Liberties, the 1st place in the ranking of Democracy and Citizenship and 2nd place in the Transparency and Corruption Index, in the African continent and is leader in the ranking of Public Governance of the Sub-Saharan Africa. He stressed, according to the report on Political and Institutional Assessment in Africa (CPIA).

“It should be noted that these data are produced by credible institutions that demonstrate the true assessment of the country. Therefore, we vehemently demarcate ourselves from all biased and malicious readings by the opposition that only serve to undermine the confidence of Cape Verdeans in the country’s institutions”, he continued.



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