Parliament/Maritime Transport: PAICV suggests dismissal of ministers Olavo Correia and Abraão Vicente

Praia, Apr 27 (Inforpress) – The African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV-opposition) suggested today in Parliament the dismissal of ministers Olavo Correia and Abraão Vicente for the way they conducted the dossier on the revision of the inter-island maritime transport concession contract.

“The amateurish, bungled and incompetent way in which this dossier has been handled demonstrates that the MpD Government and Ulisses Correia e Silva have not been defending the interests of the State and the Cape Verdean people, preferring instead to sacrifice them on the altar of private, shady and illegitimate interests,” said PAICV deputy Démis Lobo Almeida in a political statement by his party.

The deputy also said that the circumstances also show that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Olavo Correia, and the Minister of Maritime Economy, Abraão Vicente, do not have the political conditions to continue to lead, respectively, the financial and sectoral tutelage of the inter-island public transport service, “which, in any consolidated democracy in the world, would lead to the dismissal of these holders.”

But before that, Démis Almeida stated that the execution of the concession contract for the public service of inter-island passenger and cargo transport, by the concessionaire Cabo Verde Interilhas, has been marked, since the beginning of its activities on August 15, 2019, by a continuous and, in some aspects, “gross violation of various legal and contractual duties and obligations.”



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