Parliament: Joana Rosa states that all mayors are today proud of the MpD’s Government

Praia, Oct 16 (Inforpress) – The MpD parliamentary leader stated that all the mayors in the country are “proud” of the MpD’s Government, with which “there is neither and there will be no diversion of resources for other purposes”, because this it is “for transparency”.

Joana Rosa made a political declaration of her party on the second day of the first plenary session of the National Assembly this October.

“We freed municipalities from paying value added tax (VAT) when carrying out works, such as repairing public buildings, roads, urban redevelopment, playgrounds, squares, cemeteries, among others,” she said.

Joana Rosa also said that the Movement for Democracy (MpD) implemented a principle of “positive discrimination” for municipalities with a population of less than 15.000 residents, from the 2016 State Budget (OE), in order to reinforce funds for that can accompany the development process of the municipalities with more revenue-raising power.



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