Parliament: Government denies is putting 100 million escudos in CVA

Praia, Nov 12  (Inforpress) – The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs said that it is false that the Government “is putting 100 million escudos” in Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA), as PAICV and its leader “want to convince others”.

Fernando Elísio Freire, who spoke this Wednesday in the general questions period, after a political statement and heated debates around the CVA, explained that the guarantee was a guarantee for the company to be able to access bank financing and pay salaries, due to the break in activities, due to COVID-19.

“PAICV and its leader want the Government not to guarantee and the company does not pay salaries. The people on the street to demonstrate against the Government and workers with difficulties at home”, said, questioning Janira Hoppfer Almada if as a party leader she understands that the Government should not give guarantees to pay salaries in a company where it owns 49% of the actions. “It is inhuman and unpatriotic not to give a loan for this,” he said.

According to Fernando Elísio Freire, TACV were “on a good path, with a greater number of passengers and routes”, placing Cabo Verde “at the center of a large gateway” in the African sub-region, with “more planes circulating and more tourists to visit the country ”.



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