Parliament: Concession of airports, development of Santiago and resources of the INPS predominate the questions to the Government

Praia, May 12 (Inforpress) – The concession of airports, the development of North Santiago and the replacement of INPS resources predominate the questions to the Government, represented by the Deputy Prime Minister, Olavo Correia, in the National Assembly.

PAICV’s MP, António Fernandes, questioned the Minister about the replacement of resources made available by the INPS, under the context of combating COVID-19.

Olavo Correia responded by presenting some of the main findings of the study, namely there is recommendation to compensate the INPS for the investments made, without these investments the negative result in the INPS would occur in 2057 and with these investments made in the fight against the epidemic, the negative result will occur in 2053, that is, a differential of “only” four years.

Olavo Correia concluded that, according to the study, the intervention of the INPS does not call into question the sustainability of the social protection system. The answer given by the Government did not satisfie the MP António Fernandes who submitted a request asking for the distribution of the study the Government ordered to be carried because the MPs from his party have no knowledge about it.



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