PAICV reiterates that it will only support administrative regionalization after the reform of the State

Assomada, Jan 28 (Inforpress) – The leader of the African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (PAICV) said that her party is in favor of administrative regionalization and reiterated that it will only support the proposal if there is a reform of the State.

Reacting to the Government’s news, which asked for the vote on the regionalization law proposal to be postponed to work with parliamentary groups and with the UCID MPs “a good solution”, Janira Hopffer Almada considers this postponement a “retreat”, which the Executive has made with the visa waiver for citizens from the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The president of the PAICV, who was speaking to the press at the end of a visit she made to the municipality of São Salvador do Mundo (Santiago Island), also recalled that this “retreat” also happened with several other dossiers.

Janira Hopffer Almada believes that this is happening because “this is a stubborn Government that does not listen and does not have, above all, the capacity to think about the interests of the country, first, before thinking about the momentary political-partisan interests of the present majority”.



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