PAICV in Decentralized Days in São Vicente to bring island problems to Parliament

Mindelo,  Oct 2 (Inforpess) – Members of the PAICV’s (opposition party) parliamentary group make a series of visits between Tuesday and Wednesday in São Vicente, which are part of the Decentralized Days to bring the island’s problems to Parliament.

These Decentralized Days, according to the Parliamentary Group of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV, opposition party), João do Carmo, are intended to get to know the fundamental issues of both the island of São Vicente and Santo Antão.

However, in the particular case of São Vicente, they want, as the same source told Inforpress, to feel the pulse of this municipality, which is the second largest population center in the country and a “strategic economic center” for Cabo Verde’s development.

“It is an interesting visit, because it covers various areas, from social as health, employment, the economic area and also the contact with the population, in order to have an accurate idea on ​​the problems of the island and the people”, said the MP, adding that wish to contribute to solving these same problems in the Parliament.



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