PAICV demands responsibility, transparency, and seriousness from the government towards the maritime transport concessionaire

Praia, April 19 (Inforpress) – The PAICV (African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde, opposition) demanded today that the government show “responsibility, transparency, and seriousness” towards the maritime transport concessionaire and accused the government of forcing ASA (Cape Verde Airport and Air Security) to take out “a loan of over 12 million dollars to buy an airplane.”

In a press conference, the president of the PAICV, Rui Semedo, expressed surprise at the fact that the government is “forcing ASA to take out a loan of over 12 million dollars to buy an airplane,” when “all that money had been authorized” for the acquisition of an aircraft.

Semedo stated that every hour the government comes up with an announcement and with each communication, a promise unfulfilled, leading to general frustration and the discrediting of a governance that firmly believes that announcements make things happen and promises will be forgotten.

“In the name of transparency, the Prime Minister should answer to all Cape Verdeans where the 600 thousand escudos from the Rectified Budget of 2020 went, what was done with the resources of the Sovereign Fund destined for the acquisition of the airplane, where the almost 48 thousand escudos from the sale of the Dornier are, and what is being done with the 132 thousand escudos that are in the State Budget for the purchase of the airplane,” Semedo questioned.



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