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PAICV criticizes Government for failing to create TC conditions for public accounts supervision and access to SIGOV

Praia, Apr 9 (Inforpress) – The PAICV on Monday criticized the government for not creating conditions for the Court of Auditors to carry out the concomitant supervision of the program contracts and to have access to SIGOV allowing it to follow up the accounts in the country.

Speaking to the press, Janira Hopffer Almada, president of the Cabo Verdean African Independence Party, said that in good governance transparency in public management and accountability are “fundamental and are of great relevance”.

However, for the leader of the largest opposition party there is a big difference between the speech made by the government and the practice of the executive itself, because she said it speaks a lot in transparency, but has made decisions regarding country in an “intransparent” way.

The Government, supported by the MpD increase, soon after the elections, the limit for subjecting the programs to the prior approval of the Court of Auditors, from 7.5 million escudos to 10 million escudos and of this same amount to 20 million escudos, stressing in this sense that the program contracts up to 20 million escudos do not go through the previous approval of the Court of Auditors.



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