PAICV criticizes absence of strategic Government vision in transport – MpD refutes accusations

Praia, March 29 (Inforpress) – The interpellation to the Government on the transportation policy dominated on Tuesday the second day of the parliamentary session, with PAICV (opposition party) criticizing the executive lack of strategic vision and the MpD to refutes the accusations.

In his closing speech, the PAICV’s MP Nuíias Silva said that the interpellation confirmed that the MpD’s Government “has no vision, nor strategy” for a sector of “extreme technicality and important for competitiveness” of Cabo Verde.

“It has been proved in this interpellation that the measures implemented by this Government in these 12 months of governance are summarized in the replacing of the administrations of the public sector of transport, as in other areas, without public tender,” criticized the opposition MP.

The Minister of Economy and Employment, Jose Goncalves, said that one of the Government’s “great goals” is to build an “integrated” transport system, “competitive and secure” with the relevant contribution to national wealth, the balance of payments, employment and national and international mobility.

The minister also said that the Government intends to link the islands “to each other and to the world” in an “efficient and regular” way, to promote and build a modern airport system and a container transhipment terminal within the exclusive framework of a public / private partnership and in a regional perspective, since it guarantees the economic and financial viability.




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