PAICV accuses Government of “wanting to dilute built assets and sell the country” with privatization agenda

Praia, Jun 9 (Inforpress) – The PAICV’s parliamentary bench leader accused, on Wednesday, the Government of wanting to dilute and sell the country with the privatization policies of the country’s economic infrastructure, stating that the process should be done in a “transparent” way.

The accusation of the parliamentary group leader of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV) was made during the debate opening of the first session of this month, which, among other points, addresses the Privatization Agenda of the Economic Infrastructure of the Country proposed by that party.

In his speech, the MP of the largest opposition party stressed that with the agenda recently announced, the Government approved the list of 23 companies and offices owned by the State that will be privatized, stressing that Cabo Verdeans have “bad memory” of the privatizations of about 50 companies made by the MpD in the 1990s.

“We all also remember the problems surrounding Electra’s first privatization, CVTelecom and, more recently, TACV. In the privatization of Cabo Verde Telecom, which occurred in 1995, made by direct awards, the concessionaire was obliged to pay the State annually, as income, only the amount corresponding to 4% of the total net revenue from the operation of the infrastructure and services objects of the concession”, he recalled.

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