Orlando Dias warns of “fraud scheme” in internal MpD elections and promises to take “wrongdoers” to justice

Praia City, Apr. 13 (Inforpress) – The candidate for the leadership of MpD, Orlando Dias, today warned of a “fraud scheme” in the party’s internal elections on Sunday, the 16th, and warned that if there is fraud and discharge of votes, he will take the “wrongdoers” to justice.

Orlando Dias made this statement at a press conference this morning at one of the capital’s hotels, to take stock of the electoral process, which, he said, is “marked by partiality” and with his adversary [Ulisses Correia e Silva] “scandalously” using means of the party and the state.

He also advanced that the structures of the Movement for Democracy (MpD, power) were put at the service of Ulisses Correia e Silva, “violating the democratic principle of equal treatment for all candidacies,” and emphasized that the Orlando Dias candidacy aims to rescue the internal debate of the party, which has been “asleep in the harmful strategy of single thought” that the current leadership “forced on the militancy.”

“Despite attempts to deter me, the positions offered by interposed people, and the brazenness of trying to make me step back through contacts with foreign heads of state, this candidate did not yield, Orlando Dias did not sell out!” he said, adding that on Sunday, MpD militants will be able to choose between “two different personalities, two distinct programs, and two antagonistic forms of leadership and exercise of power.”



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