Ombudsman welcomes Government’s opening to revise Budget

Praia, Dec 6 (Inforpress) – Deputy Ombudsman Vera Querido welcomed the opening declared by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Olavo Correia to review the budget and see the possibility of improve the organization’s budget allocation.

“We see this opening with great pleasure. Dialogue is crucial and it is very important to recognize the work that the Ombudsman has been doing during this period and I believe that such openness is the recognition that the is institution needed in this democratic rule of law and it must indeed have the means to function”, she said.

Vera Querido, who was speaking Thursday during a parliamentary hearing on the Specialized Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights, Security and State Reform, said that the Ombudsman’s concerns had to do with the same budget allocation, which was already last year led the organization to operate “half-hearted”.

“The budget allocation we were given for 2019 did not take into account the new organization that came into force, which meant that we no longer had a cabinet. The Ombudsman himself no longer have a secretary, and have only one adviser, for example. And it’s a big concern for us, because we don’t think it’s fair that we don’t have a support office for the next Ombudsman,” she said.


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