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OE proposal for 2021 is 78 billion escudos and aims to restore and recover Cabo Verde – MpD

Praia, Nov 25  (Inforpress) – The State Budget (OE) for 2021 is  78 billion, equivalent to 40.1% of GDP, an increase of more than 3.5% in relation to the Rectifying Budget of 2020, and aims to combat and overcome the crisis.

This amount was revealed to the press on Tuesday morning by the vice president of the Movement for Democracy parliamentary group (MpD, ruling party), Armindo Luz, at a press conference to assess the parliamentary day and prepare for the fourth plenary session of the parliamentary year 2020/2021.

For this MP, OE 2021 aims at “more health, more competitiveness and more income”, having as a “backdrop” Cabo Verde’s “restoration and recovery” in the post-COVID-19, focused on job recovery and the perspectives destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

When presenting OE 2021 as being focused on combating the crisis and overcoming it, in order to make the economy suspicious, Armindo Luz stressed that this budget aims to protect incomes, people and jobs and companies, in terms of civil society protection, health, education, employment and employability and economic recovery.



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