Oceanos 2020 Prize receives 1.872 applications and participation from writers of 11 nationalities

Praia, Jun 18 (Inforpress) – The 2020 “Oceanos – Prize for Literature in Portuguese Language”, which runs until December, this year received 1.872 applications from writers of 11 nationalities, reported the Associação Oceanos Expressivos da Língua Portuguesa.

In a statement, the aforementioned association said that this award is intended for poets, writers, teachers, researchers, literary critics, journalists and readers in general. It aims to “promote the valuation and dissemination of Portuguese language literature and cultural exchange, with actions to encourage research, training, production and dissemination of the Portuguese language”.

According to the note, the “Oceanos” programme extends until December 2020, being divided into three stages of election of 50 semifinalists books among the applicants, election of 10 finalists among the 50 semifinalists and election of the winners among the 10 finalists.

With 400 books more than in the previous edition, Oceanos 2020, according to the organization, received applications from writers of 11 nationalities, Angola with 11 books, Argentina two, Austria one, Benin one, Brazil 1.574, Cabo Verde seven, Spain four, Mozambique ten, Peru one, Portugal 156 and Uruguay two, in addition to two Portuguese-Angolans and two Portuguese-Brazilians all writing and publishing originally in Portuguese, the main criterion of the award.



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