Novo Banco: Carlos Moura former PCE blames shareholders for bank debacle 


Praia, July 12 (Inforpress) – Former Chairman of the Executive Board (PCE) of the Novo Banco, Carlos Moura, blamed shareholders today for the bank’s debacle to do so and assured that it would have been viable if there were no capital problem.

Carlos Moura, who was PCE of the New Bank from 2013 to 2016, answered the MPs questions during the hearing at the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), created to clarify the contours of the financial institution creation and extinction.

As he put it, the capital problem blocked the whole Novo Banco development, since over the years there was no capital increase, which, according to the business plan, was expected to reach 900 million escudos.

“The initial capital was 300 million escudos and the business plan described that the capital increase should reach up to 900 million escudos. So if the capital achievements had been fulfilled, as the business plan dictated, things could be different, “said the former PCE of the Novo Banco.

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