North Santiago: Financing and water mobilization are “big challenges” for agriculture – ACAISA president

Assomada, April 17 (Inforpress) – The president of ACAISA, Felisberto Veiga, stated in an interview with Inforpress today that financing and water mobilization are the “two major challenges” that the agriculture sector in North Santiago is currently facing.

“Over the past 25 years, the Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial and Services Association of Santiago (ACAISA) has become an association of unmistakable reference in North Santiago, in the areas of agriculture, innovation, small industries, training, business issues and international cooperation,” he said, admitting that “it hasn’t been 25 years of wonders, but 25 years of learning.”

Agriculture practices in North Santiago, in particular, rely on people’s persistence and innovation, considering that the country does not receive much rainfall, and there is no abundance of land.

Among a “huge list” of major challenges for the agricultural sector, in addition to financing and water mobilization, Felisberto Veiga highlighted the modernization of agriculture, the market, and product certification.



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