North Santiago: Farmers celebrate rain and says that agricultural soil are ‘completely wet’

Assomada, Sept 1 (Inforpress) – Farmers in the agricultural areas of the municipalities in the North Santiago were concerned about the lack of rain, but after the rainfall on Wednesday that lasted during all day, they said that the soil is “completely wet”.

The rain “meek” and considered the one that really left the soil “completely wet” brought encouragement to those who have already have sown and those who, by this time, intensify the sowing, according to farmers approached by Inforpress.

In the case of Santa Catarina, there are farmers who are already completing the second weeding phase and said to be “hopeful” that the rains will continue in sufficient quantities so that there can be a good agricultural year. However, there are agricultural localities of Santa Catarina and other municipalities that farmers predict another “bad agricultural year”, taking into account pests and lack of seeds.

Inforpress made a round on Wednesday in Santa Catarina, where it was able to verify that the corn plant is in the flowering phase and beans growing well, in localities such as Junco, Serra Malagueta, Figueira das Naus and some neighborhoods in the city of Assomada. However, in agricultural areas such as Volta do Monte, Achada Fora, Chão do Monte, Ribeirão Areia and Findo Torril and surroundings the corn and beans are in the germination phase, and in other plots the seeds were released this weekend.



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