NGO Iprodial presented to combat “deficit and great delay” in social dialogue and trade union freedom – president

Mindelo, Sep 22 (Inforrpress) – The city of Mindelo today hosted the public presentation of the Institute for the Promotion of Social Dialogue and Trade Union Freedom (Iprodial), which is expected to combat “major deficits and delays” in these areas, according to the president of the institute.

According to Júlio Ascensão Silva, who spoke to the press in Mindelo, before the presentation, the intention of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is to promote social dialogue and trade union freedom, introducing a “new mentality and culture”.

The former trade unionist, who presided over the National Union of Cape Verdean Workers – Central Sindical (UNTC-CS) for a few decades, considered that “various forms of social dialogue practically do not exist in Cabo Verde”.

As proof, according to the same source, the only sectoral labour agreement relating to security companies, the only one created in 30 years of the existence of the Social Dialogue Council, but which, he stressed, “still doesn’t work”.



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