New PR: Mayors at South Santiago expect new presidential era based on dialogue and trust

Praia, Nov 8 (Inforpress) – The Mayors at South Santiago expressed today hopeful that with the new President of the Republic a new era will be built with his influence and in building a climate of dialogue and trust between political forces.

Speaking to Inforpress to talk about his expectation on the duties of José Maria Neves, the mayor of Praia, Francisco Carvalho, said that his hope is the “best” since he believes that the new President of the Republic (PR) will inaugurate a new era with his “magistracy of influence”. 

“I feel that there will certainly be a deepening of the social issue. The social issue will deserve special attention in this new presidency that is now beginning, also because the President has already signaled this by clearly mentioning that the housing issue will be one of the flags on his mandate”, he explained. 

Based on this assumption, Francisco Carvalho reiterates his statement that the social issue will be in the “top priority” in the next two terms of José Maria Neves.

“If we look at the country’s path, we still have several gaps and we need to overcome them since most of these failures come from social issues,” he said.



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