New chairman of the RTC board of directors guarantees “neutrality and impartiality” on performance of his duties

Praia, Jun 30 (Inforpress) – The chairman of the RTC board appointed by the Independent Council (CI) said Monday that a possible dismissal of workers is out of his plans and guarantees “neutrality and impartiality” on performance of his duties.

“We want to encourage all workers and the issue of dismissal is out of the question,” said Policarpo de Carvalho, who was unanimously appointed CEO of Radiotelevisão Caboverdeana.

Policarpo de Carvalho made these considerations to Inforpress outside the hearing at the First Specialized Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights, Security and State Reform (CEACDHSRE), chaired by Movement for Democracy MP (MpD-ruling party), João Gomes.

During the hearing, the novel CEO of RTC promised efforts to sell “more radio and television services” in Cabo Verde, defending a “specialized journalism” in both public bodies.

In his view, TCV should follow the paths of a global television and start presenting “differentiated services”.



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