New album by the singer and songwriter Sara Tavares, “Fitxadu”, is published next 27th


Lisbon, Oct 5 (Inforpress) – The new album by the Portuguese-Cabo Verdean singer-songwriter Sara Tavares, “Fitxadu”, in Portuguese (closed), consists of 11 songs and edited on the 27th, announced Tuesday the promoter.

Sara Tavares participates in the authorship of almost all the songs of the CD, either as composer or lyricist, in partnership with other authors or solo, being the only exception “Para Semper Amor”, with lyrics and music by Bilan.

The CD, the fifth of the singer, opens with “Onda de Som”, lyrics by Sara Tavares, who signs the song with Loony Johnson.

“Coisas Bunitas” and “Filingadu” are the only two songs whose lyrics and musical compositions are signed exclusively by Sara Tavares.

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