Naviera Armas Cabo Verde is working with authorities to decide on a new cargo tariff for the São Vicente/Santo Antão line

Mindelo, April 26 (Inforpress) – Naviera Armas Cabo Verde (NACV) announced that it is “actively collaborating” with authorities in the development of a new cargo tariff with a “better balance” to be applied on the São Vicente/Santo Antão line.

In a statement published on its official Facebook page, the company’s administration emphasized that although it agrees with the need for annual tariff revisions by competent entities, it did not participate in the development of the new price list for cargoes applied as of the 20th, which caused dissatisfaction among van drivers in Santo Antão and has now been suspended by the Government.

According to the same source, NACV became aware of the new tariffs at the same time as the users, only when the Official Gazette was published, which determined an increase in the price for vehicle transportation from 5,400 escudos to 15,250 escudos per vehicle.

“Despite understanding the formula used to update freight rates, if NACV had a voice in this process, the new freight rate table would certainly not have erred on the side of excess. We would have advised a sustainable balance in the increase of freight and ticket prices, suitable for users and necessary for the viability of line operations,” the statement read.



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