National Library closes activity to disseminate books and stimulate reading in children

Praia, Jul 15 (Inforpress) – The Institute of the National Library of Cabo Verde (BNCV) today closed the “Summer Library 2022” program, an activity aimed to disseminate books and boost reading in children during school holidays.

The activity, which took place for 15 days, had the participation of 40 children, from seven to 10 years old, in the City of Praia, an event that has been usual for the development of extra activities during the school holidays of children and adolescents.

During this period activities were developed activities that include reading children, games with books, cooking, theater workshop, recycling, artistic expression, creative writing and visits to the capital’s heritage spaces. According to the coordinator of the Children’s Section of the National Library, Vera Cardoso, the main objective of the event was to disseminate books, through reading and develop the habit of reading in children.

“We have to work the children for the taste of reading, because in addition to occupying their free time during the school holidays, in which they stay at home for a long time in front of the television, make them gain the taste of reading, develop their writings and their imaginations”, said the same source.



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