Music: Third edition of the Somos Cabo Verde Gala will honor the topic of “Emigration”

Cidade de Praia, March 31  (Inforpress) – The third edition of the Somos Cabo Verde (SCV) Gala 2017, which will take place on June 7, under the theme “Somos Cabo Verde – Somos Um Só” will pay homage to the topic of “Emigration”.

According to a note sent to Inforpress, the organization chose the topic of “Emigration” because many Cabo Verdeans are living in the diaspora who “feel immense longing” for their homeland.

“Who is the Cabo Verdean who does not have a family member or friend who lives in the Diaspora and who is a Cabo Verdean who is far away and does not feel immense longing for its land?”

“We Are Cabo Verde – The best of the Year is this love … this union, because being Cabo Verdean is much more than a name in the passport, it is to be proudly from Barlavento and Sotavento … it’s to feel an emotion inside the heart every time we hear the name of Cabo Verde, wherever we are,” reads the notes.




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