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Music: “Facê Gat” is the new single by musician from Maio Adê

Praia, Apr 21 (Inforpress) – The musician and composer from Maio Adê launches, this Wednesday, on digital platforms, his new single “Fazê Gat”, which is the second track from his next album entitled “Hello Cabo Verde”.

“Fazê Gat” has two “special” appearances, the singer from Mindelo Jenifer Solidade and the Brazilian musician Mestrinho, considered one of the “great” accordion player of the present time.

To Inforpress, the musician explained that “Fazê Gat” is a widely used expression in the island of May, which consists of helping fishermen drag fishing boats, clean the fish and also help in the maintenance of boats. The participants on this “djunta mó” (mutual help), as a reward, bring to the house a handful of fish.

According to Adê, many family men on the island guarantee the family’s livelihood in this way. The track, which  depicts a very common experience from his native island and which is part of his new project “Hello Cabo Verde”, brings, according to the author, a modern clothing of the traditional Cabo Verdean batuku style.



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