Municipality of Ribeira Brava needs at least 50 million escudos to mitigate the effects of drought – Mayor


Praia, Nov 9 (Inforpress) – About 50 million escudos is the amount necessary to carry out the actions to mitigate the bad agricultural year effects in the municipality of Ribeira Brava, in São Nicolau.

The information was advanced to Inforpress by the mayor, Pedro Morais, who was in Praia City to participate in the meeting with the Government on the implementation of the emergency plan to face this year of drought in the country.

As the mayor explained, after listening to farmers and livestock farmers, the City Hall has drawn up a plan that provides for various interventions between water mobilization for irrigated agriculture, livestock rescue and opening of work fronts.

“Most people are out of work, so we will create jobs by cleaning the back roads, because there are some places that have had some production and it is necessary to collect these products. Thus, cleaning up the back roads and sanitation work will alleviate this lack of employment”, he said.



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