MPD MPs consider “immoral and shameful” the fact that PAICV parliamentarians speak in the name of Fogo

Praia, Jun 11 (Inforpress) – The MpD MPs (ruling party) for Fogo constituency considered this Monday “immoral and shameful” the fact that the PAICV MPs (opposition party), Nuias Silva and Eva Ortet, talked about the island, particularly with regard to air and sea transport.

“They were in power for 15 years and they did not ask, they did not do what they should have done for our island”, said Filipe Santos, spokesman for the MPs group elected in the lists of the Movement for Democracy for the Fogo island.

According to this parliamentarian, the two MPs elected in the African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde “always vote against when they are called to make feasible management instruments or investments for the Fogo Island”.

Referring to the reduction in the number of flights from Binter-CV (national carrier), Filipe Santos explained that this situation is due to the maintenance of one of its ATR aircraft, so the airline is “strategically equipped” to the high season, that is, in the summer, and “briefly the tickets will be on sale”.



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