MpD claims that the country is growing and including and opposition says that the population does not feel the effects of growth

Praia, June 9 (Inforpress) – The MpD (ruling party) today in parliament highlighted the improvement of economic indicators, noting that Cabo Verde is growing and including, while the opposition stressed that the population is not feeling the effects of that growth.

In a political declaration on “The Role of the State in mitigating the economic and social crisis and its impact on the lives of families and companies”, presented by deputy Celso Ribeiro, the MpD recalled that Cabo Verde, and the world, has faced in recent years a one of the greatest crises of all time after the Second World War.

This crisis, said the deputy, had astronomical consequences and with negative impacts across all areas of governance in any country, and particularly on the most fragile layer of any society.

As a result of the assertive measures taken by the Government of Ulisses Correia e Silva, the deputy Celso Ribeiro said that the country has returned to the path of consolidation with the 2022 State Budget and the 2023 State Budget now under execution.



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