Mosteiros: Armando Cunha winner of the horse race of the 


Cidade de Igreja, Aug 14 (Inforpress) – “Bob” Fernandes owner of Armando Cunha Raul was the winner of the horse race 2017 edition, part of the Municipality Day of Mosteiros activities and its Holy Patroness, Our Lady of Help.

Armando Cunha was a winner in its category and in the first prize race the Rolex horse was the winner, also belonging to Raul “Bob” Fernandes, who won the first three prizes and sixth place in the competition.

Armando Cunha, who won this race included in the São Filipe festivities, also the Municipality Day of Praia, in São Vicente and Boa Vista, was winner of another prize, making him the fastest horse currently in Cabo Verde.

The final classification was ordered as follow: first place for Armando Cunha, second for Rolex, third for Vingança (winner of last year) all belonging to Raul “Bob” Fernandes, fourth for Lura of owner Sebastião Brandão “Djôdjo”, fifth for Red Bulet of owner Djô Broco from the island of Boa Vista and sixth place for Falcão also from Raul “Bob” Fernandes.




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