Municipality Day: “Brava” brand presented to the public through Renda Brava products Nova Sintra, Jun 24 (Inforpress) – The first collection by Renda Brava products project, which represents the Brava brand, was presented to the citizens of Brava, in an exhibition organized by CNAD and the City Hall, in Nova Sintra. At the inauguration, the director of the National Center for Art, Crafts and Design (CNAD), Irlando Ferreira, showed that the exhibition and the brand represent the achievement of a “very great” challenge, because working from São Vicente to Brava, through digital means, “is completely different” than when working in person. As he pointed out, since 2018, when the project began, they were already aware that it would be a challenge, but the motivation of the creatives, both designers and the hand-embroidered made by women, made the CNAD and everyone involved bet everything was possible so that the project could get to what it is today. According to this official, the hand-embroidered made by women in Brava no longer exists for several years, and the CNAD wanted with the project to bring hand-embroidered made by women that had identity and symbology with this island, explaining the care the team had in carrying out the work. MC / AA / HVF Inforpress
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Municipality Day: “Brava” brand presented to the public through Renda Brava products
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Morabi has already supported more than one thousand women and young people with 115 million escudos in the first six months

Praia, Jun 22 (Inforpress) – The Savings and Credit Cooperative (Morabi) granted in the first six months about 1.015 credits in the amount of 115 million escudos to support young and female heads of household with projects mainly in the business area.

The information was provided to Inforpress by the chairwoman of the board of Morabi, Lina Gonçalves, who said that the institution is getting back to normality, since the last two years have been “quite difficult” given the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As she said, the pandemic brought many challenges for the sector, but on the other hand it also brought “new business opportunities, other fields to explore and greater demand.”

“From January to this date, Morabi granted about 1.015 credits in the amount of 115 million escudos, with 50 credits worth 14 million escudos for those that fall within the social obligations, that is, for projects with social impact,” said the chairwoman.



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