Minister warns of the urgent need to strengthen the PN’s capacity for intervention and anticipation of outbreaks of uneasiness and insecurity

Mindelo, Mar 29 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Internal Administration considered this Wednesday, in Mindelo, “pressing” the strengthening of the National Police’s (PN) capacity for intervention and anticipation on outbreaks of uneasiness and public insecurity, mainly, in Praia City.

Paulo Rocha, speaking at the opening of the seminar “Preventing and combating gun crime: the legal regime for guns and ammunition in Cape Verde”, in one of the hotels in Mindelo, which precedes the 17th Council of National Police Command, agreed that mitigating this problem justifies the debate and reflection around the measures and legal regimes, but also thinking about the set of measures that can be adopted and that include all the actors in the matter.

This horizon of analysis, he pontificated, of measures and search for solutions increasingly adjusted to the evolution of phenomena, “is essential” in order to be able to prevent and combat violence committed with weapons, which “limits individual freedom”.

Hence, for Paulo Rocha, holding the seminar “Preventing and combating gun crime: the legal regime for weapons and ammunition in Cape Verde” reflects the concern in seeking to improve the performance of the police, given the “numerous challenges” of the day -a-day.



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